Alan Gould and Ellen Quinlan

Alan Gould and Ellen Quinlan

The Darbster Foundation is a 501(c) 3 that concentrates it’s resources on animal welfare, on a community level. We set this Foundation up to reduce the number of animals euthanized in Palm Beach County. When the restaurant, “Darbster”, opened in 2009, the Foundation was formed.. Our mission is to reduce the number of adoptable cats, kittens, dogs, and puppies that are being euthanized in Palm Beach County and South Florida. We are able to achieve our mission by partnering with animal shelters and rescue groups in the South Florida area to transport homeless pets to our facilities in New Hampshire and our rescue partners throughout New England.

With the opening of Darbster Bistro in 2009, the Foundation was formed. In 2016, Velocity Cycling Studio was acquired 100% of all profits from these business entities go to the Darbster Foundation. We operate through donations from the public and our business entities. We receive no public funding.

In 2015 and Darbster Kitty, located in Manchester, New Hampshire, was opened. We have facilitated the transport of over 2,000 cats and kittens to Darbster Kitty as well as to other shelters in New England.

2017 was tremendous year. In addition to the 1163 cats and kittens that have been rescued, transported, and adopted into loving homes, another 70 dogs and puppies have been rescued, saved, and transported from Palm Beach County Animal Care & Control to our rescue partners in New England!
Another major gain for the dogs and puppies in Palm Beach County was the implementation of our Healing Hearts Program. Instead of heart worm positive dogs being euthanized due to a treatable condition, they are now adopted out and their heartworm treatment is subsidized with funds raised by the Darbster Foundation. Last year we saved 60 dogs.

Our Darbster Doggy facility in Chichester, NH is underway and should open in mid – 2018. Darbster Doggy is a unique facility. It’s canine care with a cause. It’s dogs helping dogs. Each time your dog stays with us, a portion of the fees we collect are donated to the Darbster Foundation. Our facility will always have adoptable dogs on site that have been rescued from a kill shelter.

We seek to pull dogs out of these facilities that are highly adoptable (they are healthy and have been temperament tested) but for whatever reason (normally space) they are in danger of being euthanized. We are not pulling any dogs with behavioral issues.

We continue to support our local community effort to reduce the number of homeless pets by funding spay and neuter surgeries. To date, Darbster Foundation has sponsored surgeries of more than 3,500 community animals.

Darbster Foundation became a member of the Amazon Smile Foundation. Already shop through Amazon? Use Amazon Smile (www.smile.amazon.com), and choose Darbster Foundation at checkout, and you will be donating 0.5% to help us further our mission. You enjoy the same wide selection of products, low prices, and convenient shopping features as Amazon.com. Prime is also offered through Amazon Smile.

Looking for a gift idea for the animal lover that has everything?

Make a donation and we’ll send you a gift. 

  • $25 funds a cat spay/neuter (receive a $5 gift card & a Darbster glass)
  • $85 funds a trip to New Hampshire, where adoption is basically assured (receive a $15 gift card and a glass)
  • $100 funds a dog spay/neuter (receive a $20 gift card and a glass)